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The Process to Performance- 2 year old - Andrea Fappani - Used

The Process to Performance- 2 year old - Andrea Fappani - Used

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Used - 4 DVD Set

Andrea Fappani is a top horseman and has put together one of the best DVD trainining packages we've seen.  In fact, we've seen a lot of DVD training packages from a wide range of clinicians and these (for me) answered many question on 'how' to do a task that the others left out. For example, others would say use the left rein and or the right foot... but Andrea Fappani goes much more into detail and talk's about how much leg pressure to use and how to tell when you are using to little or to much.  He goes into much more detail about how to use proper rein control and hand position and how that will influence the horse so you will be much more successful.  Without a doubt, this is one of the best DVD sets i've ever seen when it comes to training your horse when under saddle. 

The Andrea Fappani Process to Performance (training during the 2 year old year) is the first set of his 4 part series and includes 4 DVDS. This series will outline rider mistakes, horse problems and mistakes, trouble shooting and tips for success.

Andrea Fappani will cover critical, in depth reining training techniques including:

  • Guiding at the Walk, Trot and Lope
  • Backing Up Stopping - Stage 1 thru 4
  • Softening the Head and Neck
  • Softening the Face
  • Softening the Shoulders
  • Turn Arounds
  • Softening the Hips
  • Softening the Ribcage
  • Lead Departures
  • Circles
  • Frame
  • Turn Arounds
  • Run Downs
  • Lead Changes
  • Drawing into the Ground

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