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McIntosh Pro Line Electro Blend 2 lbs

McIntosh Pro Line Electro Blend 2 lbs


Electro-Blend 2lbs

Electro-Blend electrolyte powder will replace essential nutrients lost through sweat and heavy work. Proper hydration and electrolyte balance is necessary to maintain top performance and health of the animal. Electrolytes are also important in cooler temperatures. Electro-Blend will improve water consumption which is important.

Electro-Blend is sugar and filler free. Only the highest quality source materials are used in the manufacturing of Electro-Blend. We recommend feeding Electro-Blend in with your horses daily feed ration. Horses like it and will consume Electro-Blend immediately. If your electrolyte is used in the water bucket, not all gets dissolved. When the water is changed, out goes a portion of your electrolyte. You are throwing money “down the drain”!

Just 20 grams of McIntosh Pro Line Electro-Blend fed daily will help hydrate your horse properly.

Available sizes:
2 lb (900g), 5 lb (2.27kg ) 10 lb (4.5kg) 20lbs

** 2 lbs will last one horse 45 days.

For immediate re-hydration use Electro-Blend Paste

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