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McIntosh Pro Line - Vitamin E & Selenium

McIntosh Pro Line - Vitamin E & Selenium


Vitamin E is a non-toxic, fat soluble vitamin which has an important role in many physiological functions such as reproduction, immune response and nerve and muscle function. It also has overlapping yet independent roles with selenium, an essential trace mineral. Together they act to maintain normal muscle function, aid in the prevention of muscle disease and perform as antioxidants to protect body tissues, particularly cell membranes, enzymes and other intracellular substances, from oxidation-induced damage. if Vitamin E levels in muscle tissues and inadequate, the risk of exercise induced muscle damage is increased.

Feeding 20 grams per day of McIntosh Pro Line Vitamin E Plus Se will assist in maintaining neccessary levels of Vitamin E and Selinium.

• Repairs tissue
• Important anti-oxidant
• Higher concentration of vitamin E
• Beneficial in reducing tie-up symptoms

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